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  I have known Betty for over 25 years and am pleased to provide a testimonial.  Betty and the staff at The Legal Freelance Centre have always been encouraging and supportive (having more faith in me than I did sometimes), regardless of whether I am in the temporary market or looking for full-time employment.  Over […]

Welcome to the Job Market

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This is the place where employers meet prospective candidates;  the place where your value is determined by your skills, qualifications, and fit within the culture of the company.  The GOOD NEWS is you are not alone here.  Whether you are looking for temporary or for a permanent position, understanding what “right fit” means and having […]

Freelancing – Tips for Success

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Temporary work… Freelancing is an excellent way to gain a wide range of experience.  If you love setting your own work schedule, or have limited amounts of time when you can work, freelancing is a fantastic option for you.  Our legal freelancers are professionals … check out some of their tips for success!   Keep […]

Skills Analysis

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Should an opportunity for promotion present itself in your current firm or should you decide you want to check out your job options externally, the first step is to do a full self-analysis of where your skills are at currently. Whether you’re a seasoned legal support specialist or an entry-level candidate, try objectively to assess […]

Resume Writing Techniques

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Employers spend between 6 seconds and one minute looking at each resume during their initial screening of the hundreds that might be received for a single position.  Therefore, a resume that is clear, concise and conveys accomplishments is more likely to end up on a manager’s short list. Preparing a resume can seem like a […]

Competitive Interviewing

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Making a good first impression … Congratulations!  You have succeeded in securing an interview.  Be proud of that accomplishment as employers receive many resumes from candidates and are only able to interview a select few.  With a little preparation you will be successful at the interview process.  Listed here are a few of our favourite […]

Interview Questions – Be Ready

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How to Prepare for an Interview… The more you prepare for an interview the higher your success rate will be. You should be prepared to answer and ask a variety of questions. The following list of questions is a great place to start for any interview situation. Education Why did you choose to become a […]

Additional Tips for Entry-Level Candidates

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Welcome to Legal… While some entry-level candidates are lucky enough to be hired into their practicum firms successfully, many are immediately thrown into the Job Market upon graduation.  In a hot market, that’s not so bad but if the market is not in the candidate’s favour, or if you’d still like a little extra help, […]