Welcome to the Job Market

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This is the place where employers meet prospective candidates;  the place where your value is determined by your skills, qualifications, and fit within the culture of the company.  The GOOD NEWS is you are not alone here.  Whether you are looking for temporary or for a permanent position, understanding what “right fit” means and having a plan in place can ease your mind and help you to enjoy the process!

How to make your Job Search Successful

It’s important to understand the approach of the interviewer.  Legal employers look for candidates with solid legal, computer and organizational skills as well as proactive attitudes.  The “right fit” is as important as skills, experience, education and attitude.

The Right Fit

For hiring managers, the “right fit” means they have identified individuals capable of performing the immediate challenges.  More importantly, they hope the individuals have the potential to be future resources and assets to the firm.

Hiring managers need to explore the candidate’s prior experience as it relates to the position being filled.  You will be interviewed not only to determine whether you have the qualifications necessary to do the job but also to assess whether a mutually rewarding professional relationship can be formed.  It is the job of the hiring manager to evaluate the candidate’s chemistry as a match to the firm’s culture.

Presenting as a Professional

Just as you would dress smartly for your interview, the lead-up to your application can be just as important as proper attire and grooming.  Start by making a plan.

Making a Plan – Preparing for the Legal Job Market

The key to a successful job-search is planning.  With a bit of planning and some basic knowledge, your success rate in attracting the right employer will improve.  You can plan your job-search and prepare yourself by completing a few simple exercises.


These exercises will help you to present yourself in the best possible light.  However, be yourself; everyone has the same goal – the “right match” or “perfect fit”!