Welcome to the Job Market

This is the place where employers meet prospective candidates; the place where your value is determined by your skills, qualifications, and fit within the culture of the company. The GOOD NEWS is that you are not alone here. Whether you are looking for temporary or for a permanent position The Legal Freelance Centre’s team is ready to support your job search with our full range of services.

There is NO COST TO CANDIDATES. We will never try to sell you a service or product nor will we charge you for our time and expertise.

So what else is good about us?

  • Whether you’re entry-level or an experienced senior, we have jobs requiring all levels of experience!
  • We will ask you for permission before sending your resume to any company.
  • Your confidential job search will stay confidential with us.
  • We do not send out candidates speculatively to law firms; we only work with positions that are actively listed with us.
  • We have never head-hunted people from positions and we never will.
  • We understand legal work & are respectful of your needs and your preferences.
  • Many times employers post jobs or accept applications exclusively through us.
  • Clients love our no-commission FLAT FEE placements & our JOB-SHOPPING PROGRAM
  • Candidates love that our low fees give them more bargaining room & a better selection of jobs.
  • We’re friendly, professional, and we love working for you!

What can we do for you?

  • Inform you about market standards and the current job market.
  • Save you time with your job search.
  • Help you to create your ideal resume.
  • Help to prepare you for the interview.
  • Follow up your application with those hard to reach people.
  • Negotiate for you with the prospective employer to achieve a better offer.
  • Advise you honestly about details regarding an offered position that you should consider before accepting.
  • Help you to choose the best option from offers you get.

Looking for temporary?

Looking for permanent?