Looking for Temporary? – That’s been our specialty since 1978!


Our freelancers, some of whom have chosen temporary work as a career option, enjoy vacation relief or sick leave assignments, cover while the company is looking to hire, or they may handle special projects or work emergencies.  These assignments can vary in length from a day, to a week or even to months.



What else is good about Temporary Assignments?

  • Many assignments, sometimes quite unexpectedly, turn into permanent job offers!
  • Freelancing is an excellent way to gain a wide range of experience and to meet new people.
  • Many clients train our freelancers on technology as well as allow them the opportunity to try new areas of legal work.
  • Also, if you love setting your own work schedule, or have limited amounts of time when you can work; freelancing is a fantastic option for you!
  • You can be your own boss and let us work for you!

It’s easy!

We match your skills to the assignment, pay you weekly at top rates and take care of all statutory payroll deductions.  You receive a T.4 at year end. You tell us when you’re available for work and we take it from there!

Freelancing … enjoy the freedom …