Additional Tips for Entry-Level Candidates

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Welcome to Legal…

While some entry-level candidates are lucky enough to be hired into their practicum firms successfully, many are immediately thrown into the Job Market upon graduation.  In a hot market, that’s not so bad but if the market is not in the candidate’s favour, or if you’d still like a little extra help, you’ll benefit from our tips.

Finding a job at an entry-level, no matter what your occupation, can be a roller coaster ride.  Don’t be discouraged if it takes some time.

The Good News…


We welcome entry-level applicants and are happy to meet you personally.  If you’re new to legal or office administration, you
may find some of these tips helpful ~


  • Highlight any prior office experience in your resume.
  • Include all your work experience if you have no office experience yet.
  • Be sure to include details of your practicum on your resume.
  • Have a professional e-mail address … “” gives the wrong impression.
  • Ensure your internet presence (social media, etc.) is professional and that its content does not reflect badly on you as an employee.
  • As much as possible, accept legal temporary assignments: every day of law firm experience counts.
  • If you’re nervous about interviewing, practice.   Interview yourself or ask family members to conduct a mock interview with you.  It may seem silly but it works!
  • Stay Positive – it can be challenging to be searching for a job when the overall economy has slowed, but there will still be job openings.

Welcome to the legal field!

We are proud of our volunteer work with a number of the advisory committees for legal programs within the Lower Mainland region.  Our congratulations go out to all graduates of all legal and office programs … at LFC we are always glad to help out new prospects to the legal field … we all started out as beginners and applaud your entry to the legal field!