Freelancing – Tips for Success

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Temporary work…

Freelancing is an excellent way to gain a wide range of experience.  If you love setting your own work schedule, or have limited amounts of time when you can work, freelancing is a fantastic option for you.  Our legal freelancers are professionals … check out some of their tips for success!


  • Keep LFC posted as to your availability and current preferences.
  • Keep notes as to procedures and systems in every office you freelance in:  you never know when you will be called back. Your objective with each client is to establish a long-term relationship with the firm through LFC and with your new friends at that firm for years.
  • Be on time and keep the hours the firm prefers, if at all possible.
  • Be fragrance-free when required – many firms have employees/clients with severe allergies.
  • Keep confidentiality at all times.
  • Stay focused on the work … turn off cell phones and other distractions.
  • Be willing to take direction even if the supervisor has less experience than you.
  • Do not change systems at your temporary desk:  remember, you are most likely to be asked back by the person you are replacing and they won’t want to have to recreate things to their liking every time you come.
  • Be honest with LFC as to your level of expertise in the work required so they can be sure to set expectations with the client that will be easily achievable by you.
  • Be open to learning new systems and ways of doing things.
  • Stay current with changes to your area of legal work.
  • Always go through LFC’s team if you’d like to apply permanently with a firm or return for more assignments.  We make it extremely easy for clients to hire you!
  • Get your timesheet in on time … that helps us to get you and everyone else paid on time!

Most importantly, have fun!  Your ‘friendliness factor’ will take you a long way towards Success as a Freelancer!

How to get the Most from your Agency…

We can help you best if you do your part:  The more willing you are to co-operate with us the faster your freelance career or job search will progress.  It’s in your own interest to keep us posted if there are any changes regarding the status of your job-search or your availability, i.e. changes about your work and job-search situation, changes regarding your contact information, updates to your resume, etc.    Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns as your application progresses.

Remember, we are here to help!