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Are you looking to make some extra money day-to-day?  What about for the rest of the year?  Discover the freedom and flexibility of Freelancing.

Freelancing in the legal field is the perfect solution for legal professionals to supplement their income without the pressure of a full-time permanent job.  Whether you’re a busy parent, independent business owner, someone considering a second job, retirement, or anywhere in between, freelancing  may be the perfect way to make ends meet or to simply pocket some extra cash!

Maybe you’re too busy for a permanent job; maybe you want to avoid paying expensive child care and spend more time at home while still working a couple days here and there; maybe you want to build connections in the legal field before deciding to pursue permanent work, or maybe you simply want to slowly transition out of the workforce into retirement without giving up the social aspect of working! Whatever your reason, freelancing is the perfect alternative option to full-time permanent work.

As a freelancer you get to choose when, where and how often you want to work, supplement your income part-time without the pressure of a full-time permanent position, engage in your family life, social life, or personal business, gain connections in the legal field, try different work environments and meet new people!

We, at The Legal Freelance Centre, started out as a temp agency and, although we have since grown over the past forty years to include placing candidates in full-time permanent positions, our freelancer roots remain strong.  We get positions for all levels of legal support staff from Receptionists/Office Services Clerks to LAAs and Paralegals.  We continue to send out excellent staff each week to fill temporary assignments with client law firms throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.  We want to add to our incredible team of Freelancers!  If the idea maintaining a work-life balance, and being in control of where, when, and how often you work entices you, then Freelancing might be the right move for you! Contact to take the first step!

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