Intermediate Paralegal with Experience in Corporate Law Needed for Law Firm in Burnaby

Job Duration:

Job Type:

Our client, a Burnaby law firm specializing in Real Estate, Corporate & Commercial Law, and Wills, Estates & Trusts, is looking for a senior paralegal to hire to support their lawyers in the area of Corporate Law

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Checking client identification and preparing lawyers to meet clients
  • File opening & closing, client contact for basic information, research, filing, client record data entry, tracking open files, maintenance, etc.
  • Management of client corporate records
  • Review of corporate documents and preparation of Annual return materials as they come due
  • Work arising from clients that requiring access to, modification of, updating, review, transferring, lending to other firms, or any other matter concerning client corporate records
  • Coordinate all documentation relating to incorporations, amalgamations, restorations, dissolutions and related corporate matters
  • Preparation of resolutions and drafting pertaining to all manner of corporate transactions
  • File Annual Reports, and required corporate updates and alterations with the B.C. /Federal Registrar
  • Preparing corporate resolutions for incorporated purchasers/sellers/borrowers
  • Scanning documents for electronic corporate record-keeping
  • Other duties as they may arise or be assigned


  • Paralegal diploma or certification
  • 3+ years working in corporate law
  • Strong knowledge of ALF, BC Online and Dye Durham
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